About Dimsum Break

Harbour City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI)'S fastest growing brand is also its newest addition to the family. Launched only in 1996, the very first Dimsum Break branch opened in response to a challenge posed by a mall operator's offer to serve the dining needs of the mall's late night clientele in the bowling area and movie cinemas. With an initial seating capacity of not more than 40 patrons, the small area made it difficult to apply the serving method of HCDHCI's other brands at the time which involved dimsum carts. Thus, ingenuity and innovation gave way to another novel means of serving dimsum - the interactive style.

The new interactive service setup needed a new brand name to reflect its different profile. The term "break" was chosen for its multiplicity of meanings, including that of a bowling term as well as of rest and respite. Dimsum Break soon became the go to place for a quick, hot, delicious and affordable meal. Its interactive service setup meant that customers could line up right in front of the counter where all the freshly cooked food was laid out. The senses of sight and smell were teased by the colorful, appetizing and aromatic display of dimsum dishes. All customers had to do was line up at the counter and personally get their dimsum favorites, pay at the cashier, and be on their way to enjoy the food be it in store or out.

The combination of great food and simple, fast and interactive service proved to be a hit, and HCDHCI was embloldened to expand the Dimsum Break brand. Branches were opened at Gaisano Fiesta Mall in Tabunok in 1997, GMC Arcade in 2002, Elizabeth Mall in 2003, Ayala Center Cebu and Colon Street in2004 and Banilad Town Centre in 2005. A new breed of Dimsum Break stored opened in Parkmall and Avila Building along General Maxilom Ave. in 2001, Pacific Mall in Mandaue City in 2011 and One Pavillon Mall in 2012.

The Newest store setup of Dimsum Break exudes a warm, light, and cozy atmosphere while maintaining customer involvement through its signature interactive setup at the counter. Modernized equipments and display areas ensure that the freshly cooked food is within easy reach to the customer without sacrificing food quality and safety.

Consistent with its brand positioning, Dimsum Break's simplified menu lineup carries only the best-selling, menu items for each dimsum category. Furthermore, Dimsum Break offers the Oriental Values, its exclusive lineup of affordable and complete package meals.

To answer the demand of today's faster-paced lifestyles, majority of Dimsum Break branches offer motorcycle delivery service. This operation is handed in-house through a one-number system and a delivery contact center. Moreover, a drive-thru service is available at the Dimsum Break Banilad Town Centre branch.

Dimsum Break's unique value proposition makes it perfectly positioned to answer the needs and demands of fast-paced lifestyles while paying homage to the traditino of authentic dimsum dining.